About Jonathan Scott Miller

Jonathan Scott Miller is a veteran A&R executive with an extensive background in soundtrack development and marketing. He has served as executive producer, soundtrack producer and music supervisor for numerous soundtracks and compilations, endeavors in which he’s demonstrated marked expertise in music licensing and publishing.

Before turning his energies to Artists' Addiction Records, Miller was Senior Director, A&R, for BMG Entertainment’s Arista Associated Labels, in which capacity he worked on projects outside the company’s purview.

In 1996 Miller landed his first label staff job in the soundtracks/A&R department at Arista Records where he worked on the “Preacher’s Wife” and “Money Talks” soundtracks, among others. In 2000 he moved to another BMG Entertainment imprint, having been promoted to Director, A&R. Arista was reorganized shortly thereafter, and Miller was assigned to the BMG-affiliated RCA Victor Group (later RCA Music Group), also as Director, A&R. In 2003 he began his tenure as Senior Director, A&R, at Arista Associated Labels, a post he departed in March 2005.

While at Arista, Miller augmented his label duties with hands-on training in music engineering, attending the Los Angeles Recording Workshop. “From doing A&R, I was really interested in working more closely with the artists and producers,” he says. “I wanted to fully understand the technical side.”

Miller’s expertise was honed in soundtrack, music supervision and music licensing and resulted as his main focus at Artists' Addiction Records. “We’ve been very successful with branded product,” he informs, “so we’re going to continue to put out soundtracks as companions to popular film and television shows. The consumer is already out there; there’s a built-in following for our products. We’re enhancing people’s experience of the film or the TV show, but we’re also making records that stand on their own as compilations of great music.”

In addition to soundtracks and compilations, Artists’ Addiction Records has released individual artists’ albums. This includes “On the Outside” by the British rock band, Starsailor (who recently toured with The Rolling Stones/James Blunt) and “Industrial Complex” by the legendary industrial band, Nitzer Ebb. This album features several songs that have become staples of the band's live set since its reformation. Nitzer Ebb recently finished their extensive European tour with Depeche Mode.

Miller has also produced numerous Target exclusive albums including a series called “Influences” that focused on well-known artists. This project included albums from Dave Matthews, Avril Lavigne, Jason Mraz and Sarah McLachlan.

Miller is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and a member of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals. His philanthropic work also extends to his production of a yearly concert benefiting breast cancer research.